Our Team

BlackOUT collective is comprised of 5 collective members, 2 staff members, and our Dark Matter Network.


Chinyere Tutashinda, Director
Direct action that inspired you: I am inspired by the long-term resilience-based actions of Marron communities’.
Favorite direct action that you have participated in:  Say her name Action in 2015 SF financial district
Why do you believe in direct action: Directly confronting power is transformational for our communities and for the people engaging in it.

Kierra Sims, Development Associate
Pronouns: She/Her
Direct action that inspired you: I’m always inspired by mountain watchers and protectors. I’m constantly inspired by my fellow Appalachians in eastern Kentucky and southwestern Virginia protecting abandoned & current mined land sites, who always hold the Mapuche community of southern Chile as they continue to protect their water and land from public and private interests. Land, water, & mountains hold so much love and wisdom. I’m extremely grateful for anyone who puts their bodies on the line to protect these gifts.
Why do you believe in direct action: Direct action honors all parts of all of us without apology. Direct action is a public display of a combination of emotions: anger, hurt, and tiredness of violence inflicted upon us, as well as, love, resilience, and collective courage. Direct action honors all of those feelings, experiences, and purpose. It demands an acknowledgment of our dignity and human(ness). Holding all of these in the same place, at the same time, is a revolutionary act.

Our Collective
As a Collective we have 6 collective members that serve as a political advisory team that guides our political direction and long term work.  The Collective is full of Black organizers who are; queer, radical, strategist, policy experts, land workers, resource generators and dope ass Back people.