BlackOUT is Expanding!

We are very excited to announce that The Ruckus Society is becoming a program of The BlackOUT Collective! For 24 years, The Ruckus Society has equipped thousands of movement leaders and organizers with nonviolent direct action skills, paving the path of the most Resistance with a set of tools for collective courage and mobilized action.

At BlackOUT we wholeheartedly believe that none of us are free, unless all of us are free. We are leaning into this belief more than ever by inviting our comrades, at The Ruckus Society, to join us in our commitment towards collective liberation.

Ruckus and BlackOUT are excited to model for the movement what resiliency looks like as the political and economic conditions continue to change. Together, we lean into the ways our ancestors and communities have survived by strategically working together to share resources, sharpen our skills, and deepen our impact.

We also know that these systems of oppression manifest in ways that affect folks of all races. Therefore, we are committed to building a movement that centers Black folks and one in which people are well-informed and aligned across race, class, and background, that address a multitude of issues, to wage transformation and leverage collective power.

What does this look like moving forward?

In March, Ruckus began a transition process and will no longer operate as a standalone organization as of May 1st. Sharon Lungo, former Executive Director, will oversee this process as Interim Board President, in collaboration with Celeste Faison and Chinyere Tutashinda, Co-Executive Directors of The BlackOUT Collective.

The continued work and legacy of The Ruckus Society will be powered by The BlackOUT Collective, where twenty-four years of Ruckus’ relationship-building, movement & NVDA tools and more will be bestowed to our relatives and movement homies!

Under the BlackOUT Collective‘s leadership, this transition comes with four key components:

  1. Ruckus key programs will continue. As a project of BlackOUT, Ruckus will pair down its work and offerings. Eva Cardenas, Ruckus’ former Program Director, will continue to implement key programmatic aspects of Ruckus. She will focus on coordinating training and actions for the larger movement, migrant justice work and building direct action capacity in the South.

  2. The first ‘Action Warehouse’  in the South in 2020! The BlackOUT Collective will inherit Ruckus’ action gear bank! providing the means and resources for our first warehouse and training space.

  3. The ACT scholarship lives on! Folks can still apply for action support and donate to the fund.

  4. The Ruckus network will always exist! Stay in communication via their list servs.

What can you do to help?

Invest in Black women leadership! This is an opportunity to lean into the next iteration of nonviolent direct action training and actions. Here’s how:

  • Donate to support this leadership transition. We’re relying on this community for immediate financial support during this time.

  • Share our news. Forward this announcement to 5 people you know – ask them to give! Post it on social media. Feel free to forward it to your listservs as well.

As we reflect on the founding principles of BlackOUT, we are assured that this decision is in alignment with our mission and values as a community. This decision serves as an invitation for our communities to practice collective healing and action while centering and trusting Black women leadership.

Join us in celebrating new beginnings, practicing new forms of resiliency, and leaning into our ancestors’ wildest dreams!

With love,
Chinyere and Celeste, and the whole BlackOUT Collective Staff