Training For Trainers

The BlackOUT Collective is excited to announce our Black Direct Action Training for Trainers.  Join us this spring as we strengthen our Direct Action facilitation and coordination skills together.

Participants will increase their ability to:

  • Facilitate introductory Non Violent Direct Action curriculum 101 and 202.
  • Facilitate groups in planning, prepping, and executing complex direct actions
  • Articulate and embody BlackOUT’s Black direct action theory, history, and frameworks
  • Facilitate large groups and multiple day trainings
  • Learn the fundamentals of workshop planning and how to incorporate culture and spirituality
  • Learn the art and science of facilitation

Apply today!

Deadline to register is April 15th. The cost of the training is $350 for organizations and $250 for individuals. A limited amount of scholarships are available. Please email for scholarship inquiries.

T4T Application

  • Dark Matter Network Members are eligible for a full fee waiver by meeting our internal volunteer requirements. Are you a network member?
  • The fee to attend is $350 for organizations and $250 for individuals. Included in that fee is the cost of the training and room and board. Travel is not included in that fee. Are you able to pay the full cost of attendance?
  • A limited amount of full and partial scholarships are available to support covering the cost of attendance. Are you seeking a full or partial scholarship?