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BlackOUT Collective provides fully personalized trainings to meet the needs of our collaborators. Our trainings range from 1hr to 3days or even week-long trainings.   Explore the myriad of trainings we provide and then request a training with us below! 

Theory and Action Prep

Direct Action 101

If your group is new to direct action concepts, this interactive training is for you! Direct Action 101 explores the foundational concepts of  direct action and civil disobedience, as well as, the utility of direct action as a tool in “getting the goods”. Participants will learn through play and experimentation in this exciting course. 

Action Strategy

In this training, we will walk  your group through how to develop a direct action strategy  that will be successful in moving a campaign or a strategy forward.

Action Planning

If your group is preparing to partake in an action, then this interactive training is for you! This how- to- training walks participants through the steps of curating their own creative and successful action. Participants will learn how to incorporate the arts, develop a strategic communications plan, incorporate security protocols, and more.

Black Direct Action History

In this interactive workshop we will explore the strategies and tactics that have been imagined and implemented by Black direct action practitioners, and discuss how that history informs today’s social movements.Direct action and civil disobedience have been and continue to be a critical part of every Black resistance movement. We have utilized blockades, strikes, mass actions and more to win campaigns and gain basic human rights.


Specialized Training Offerings

Reach out to us using the contact form if you are curious about more specialized training for your organization or collective. Want to pull off mass actions, tighten up your digital security, or consider how culture can be used as a tool? Contact us about how we can support you with some training and development. 

If you are interested in specific tactics related to direct action, such as  Blockades, Climbing, Arts and Visuals, Tactical Communications, join our mailing list to learn about our upcoming tactical trainings!

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